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Parts interchangeability

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2004 3:37 pm
by Colza
This is going to be an on-going list, so as people discover new parts that can be swapped or cannot be swapped send me a PM and I will keep the list up-to-date Smile There is also a thread in the General Forum which will hopefully stay near the top...

All listings are considered to be confirmed unless stated otherwise.


* ECU (to quote charles: "you do get a difference in O2 readings between t1, t2 and Mugen ecus. t2 ecu will make it slightly richer but only a bit.")
* distributor
* vacuum advance
* head gasket
* head (if you keep the Control Box that matches your throttle body)
* turbo can be swapped but a modified (new) dump-pipe will be needed due to different exhaust flanges.
* exhaust systems are the same apart from the different flanges for the turbo. Some T1's came without catalitic converters.
* gearbox as long as the flywheel, clutch and starter motor are kept with the correct box ()Note: T2 box will provide slightly higher gearing in the lower gears
* MAP sensors
* oil filters are the same accross all cities (turbo and NA)
* coil
* dash componets are identicle apart from the final run of T2's (1986-1987). These have a completely different dash so should be easilly recognisable.
* seatbelt ratchet assemblies, but NOT the rest.


* Control Box (unless throttle body is also swapped)
* throttle body (unless control box is also swapped :Smile)
* seatbelts are not swappable except for the internal ratchet assembly
* steering rack ends are different, as are lower control arms (confirmed).
* Bottom sway bar,
* Clutch is slightly different between T1 and T2


* T2 struts fit in an EB/EN civic so it should work the other way too.
* EB civic starter motors appear to fit in a T1 box but not a T2 (unconfirmed)]
* Speedo cable from turbo and non turbo City's are the same
* Front windscreen and seals are the same on N/A, T1 and T2 City's.
* CV's / axels etc are all the same between N/A, T1, T2

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 11:35 am
by Hyperblade
T1 dash will fit in a T2.

BUT, the T2 has external air vents( coming direct from above bonnet) that need to be blocked off, these have two controls on either side of the dash.

All interior panels are the same between a T1 and T2 EXCEPT the very back small speaker panels these are slightly different in shape.

T1 seats will fit into T2, but the rails are slightly longer for T1's, may require some adjustment.

The rear T1 seat will fit into a T2 but needs the bottom latching mechanism from the rear T2 seat to be swapped over, this is a straight swap.

The cover which goes over the hand brake is different in a T1 because of the way the seatbelts are set up, it will still however fit, just that the t2 seatbelts don't go through it.

Rear carpet from a T1 will fit straight into a T2.

Front T1 carpets need to have holes cut for the different T2 seatbelt arrangement.

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2006 12:25 pm
by Hyperblade
T2 suspension is different from T1 suspension.

T1 is longer by about 1-2cm and has 1 more coil on springs, springs are also of smaller gauge.

The T1 lower front suspension arms are about 10mm short then the T2 ones. And where the front tie rod attaches is about 30mm placement difference between the two.

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2007 10:20 pm
by Hyperblade
T1 radiator can NOT go into a T2 unless you remove/move the intercooler.

T2 radiator into a T1 should be possible because it has no intercooler.

T2 has the filler pipe in a different position to fit around the intercooler (on the right), the top tank is moulded to suit this pipe. T1 has the filler pipe on the left right smack where the intercooler would go.

However it is probably possible to replace the top tank on a T1 radiator with a T2 one and then have it fit in as normal.

N/a and T1 radiators look as though they are the same design so should be swappable.


All front bumpers have 2 brackets on the inside that holds the top of the bumper up and stops it sagging. A lot of turbos ive seen do not have these brackets so the bumper is sagging. They are plastic inserts which screw in with two screws.

The N/a brackets should fit in the T1 bumper.

The T2 bumper is slightly different and so wont fit these brackets, however a flat bar bent to fit will work fine as a replacement.

Brake Master Cylinder

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 5:38 pm
by Hyperblade
The T2 master cylinder is different to the T1 (not sure if T1 is different to NA) it has a slightly larger cylinder (13/16").

It might be possible to use a T1 on a T2 anyway as the mountings might still match up, but unconfirmed at this stage.

Re: Parts interchangeability

Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 6:57 am
by Hyperblade
KingCity has found the T1 and T2 pistons are different.


T1 has extra oil holes, Looks like the removed them for the T2 to make them stronger.