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Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2006 4:51 pm
by Hyperblade
20w40 engine oil is recomended in the manual for gearboxes. (I find 10W30,40 as the gearbox oil in the manual page 4-2 of the city turbo manual)

Believe the same is recommeneded for the engine. < Confirmed, 10W30 if you are in an area that goes below -15deg/c, otherwise 20W40 according to the manual - Bigelboe

How much oil the engine takes, according to Henry :)

fter engine assembly : 4.0 L
Change with filter: 3.5L
Change W/O filter 3.0L

Gearbox takes 2.3l again thanks to Henry (manual says 2.5l for a drain and refil, 2.65 for a full fill)