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Brake upgrade City E

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:29 pm
by Jdmcity
Here is an easy almost bolt on brake upgrade if you have a city e with 140mm caliper bolt spacing.

Integra da5 calipers will bolt on, and the brake hose will also bolt right on.

Then grab some front discs off of a 98 holden barina :!: :D . These have the correct offset disc you need, all you need to do to these to make em fit, is bore the center bore out to 61mm (from 60mm), and skim the inside bore of the disc flat (often have casting marks). Some barinas have discs 236mm diameter and some have 256, you can have maximum 240mm with those calipers so if you get some that are 256mm just machine em down to fit!

For new discs they are $59 from supercheap part number SPO1278327.

Also for new pads the part number is DB1123SLP from repco, $11.40 a set.

Cost me $80 for a set of calipers plus $60 for a set of discs from the wreckers, then a set of silver line brake pads for $11 :shock:

Really powerful upgrade, the discs are 236mm and 20mm thick, also vented.

Some wrangling of the brake disc shield may be necessary :wink:

Hope this helps someone!