Wrecking 1983 Honda City Pro T

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Wrecking 1983 Honda City Pro T

Postby jasper_fyfe1995 » Sun Dec 29, 2013 5:05 pm

Hey guys,

I have a 1993 Honda city pro for sale. I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Unfortunately I woke up on boxing day morning to find my Honda had been crashed into and then pushed into my girlfriends car. There's bad damage to to front right side of the car and some damage to the rear right side where the Honda was pushed into my girlfriends car. The engine itself wasn't damaged just the radiator, battery and whatever else was in that same corner of the engine bay. The engine has only done around 115000kms. The interior is in pretty good condition for its age, no cracks or dents, just a few minor scratches. The drives seat has a few minor tears. apart from the crash damage everything else is in decent condition.

$650 for the whole car, pick up required.
For the right price i'd be willing to sell parts individually.


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