City Turbo I for sale. Not rego'd but seems decent. [WA]

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City Turbo I for sale. Not rego'd but seems decent. [WA]

Postby crispy » Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:24 am

I'm posting this here because i'm moving soon and i can't take on this project.

Near my Uncle's place a guy has a red T1 that he is selling.
Currently not rego'd but it's in a not bad condition, so it shouldn't be *too* hard to get it over the pits.
If you give the guy a call, prepare for your ear to be talked off as this guy has a lot to say, and he'll give you a huge story about how he paid $2k for the car and it's had so much work done to it, blah blah, etc etc. it might be true, it might not.
I've not driven the car so i can't say for sure on the mechanicals.

Either way, i figured someone here might want to take it on as a project.
Guy's name is Ashley and he lives in Alexander Heights. He was asking 1100 originally but i talked him down to 800 pretty easily when i was just inquiring the other day.
His mobile is 0406 536 019.

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