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White ProT for sale. Good cheap runabout [WA]

Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:58 pm
by crispy
Hi guys,

After a certain someone on here bailed last minute, i have my white ProT available.

1984, manual, Turbo seats, good sound system with 2 amps and a sub.
Was used as a daily drive for the last 4 months and never gave me a problem.
Does have an ever so slight water weep from the thermostat housing, should be an easy fix but never bothered.
Had the gearbox off after the cable snapped, the clutch must have been replaced in the last few years as it's close to factory new width.
Near new tyres.
Rego'd til April. Very efficient to drive, was getting >600Kms per tank (about 5.6l/100kms)

Looking for $750.

Pictures here.