Master Brake Cylinder/Booster - T!, T2 - Stock City

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Master Brake Cylinder/Booster - T!, T2 - Stock City

Postby ANTHRAXXX » Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:30 am

So I have my T1 with a now hard-to-push brake pedal - last time that meant a new booster - And my T2 that ironically now has a flat-to-the-floor brake pedal, which last time meant a new Master Cylinder.

Now my T2 has been running a M/C from a stock non-turbo City for the past 4 years or so..Works fine apart from the Intercooler unit fouling the lid when you need to top up the fluid - I know from posts on here the original T2 units are no longer made - 46100SA7953 Anyone know if the standard City units are still avail? I also read on here that you can swap out the whole booster & run a totally different model/brand of booster-m/c combo, Anyone 'upgraded' theirs & have part numbers etc?


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