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FOR SALE, Vic. Track Car. City GA1, Intercooled T1 Engine, Garret T25 turbo, Adj. Suspension, Avon tyres, F6p harness

Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2020 2:57 pm
by davidj
Hi All,
A number of years back I built up a track car based on a Honda City GA1 and a City Turbo engine. I did about 3 track days before the clutch cable gave out and I have since moved onto other hobbies.
We were doing the ‘Fun Days’ at Winton.
The car has been sitting around for the past few years but gets started every now and then. I keep planning to get another clutch cable but haven’t put any effort in to do so.
Would be great to see this go to another passionate Honda Turbo person.
I have the dash out so I could remove the clutch cable. If someone knows where I can source one (it used the original GA1 one), I would happily fit it and put the dash back.
New clutch cable and a battery and it is ready to go.

You can see the original buildup here -

Located on the Mornington Peninsular

Looking to see if anyone would be interested buying this from me.

Honda City GA1
Front mount air intercooler
T1 Engine
Garret T25 turbo,
Front / Read Adjustable Suspension
Avon - Formula Ford Tyres
Race Seat (Cobra Monaco S)
6-point harness (Klippan)
In-cabin 2 stage boost control

Thanks - David