expression of anger

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expression of anger

Postby HB » Wed Aug 23, 2006 3:45 pm

a middle aged woman that doesnt know how to drive has put a duge dent on my rear right panel :x hopefully insurance will pay me..
the b!tch was keep going on about how i was parked on fire hydrant and she thinks that her insurance componay won't pay.
she told me to ring her insurance company so i did and they told me that she has to make a claim, not me. I rang her today and told her to ring her insurance company..

my guard looks awful!!! :x :x

Has anyone gone thru insurance claims before? any advice is appriciated thanks :)

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Postby turbocab » Wed Aug 23, 2006 6:14 pm

yeah my ute got hammered by an 80 yo lady a less than a week after i got it then she left the scene of the acident,the cops didnt even charge her :twisted: imagine if i had hit someones car and left the accident the cops would have thrown the book at me being a 21 year old p plater driving a turbo or a v8.
but her insurence covered all the damage to my car but the bastards took like three weeks.
what shits me most is every time i see her veering into oncoming traffic or driving at 40 in a 60 zone :evil: and she still has a licence.....
let me know if you need bits of panned choped from my wreaking t2 for the repairs.
good luck and keep at her until she makes that claim and gets the ball rolling,

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