Rear seat belt upgrade (to 3 point)

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Rear seat belt upgrade (to 3 point)

Postby gregory891 » Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:13 am


Honda City cars (or rather the European equivalent called the Jazz) had 3 point rear seats on those sold in Sweden and other Nordic countries.

Unfortunately (I've searched the world), the parts are no longer available from Honda. However after a LOT of looking at cars in junk yards in the US and in Switzerland, I've figured out and INSTALLED a VERY good system that works, looks like stock and is easy to install.

You need to find the rear seat belts (take everything when you remove from the dead Kia) from a 1st generation Kia Pride wagon (1986 to 2000). Take all the hardware, the inertia reel set-ups, reel covers, fixed strap under the rear seat, etc.

Retrofit is fairly easy, as the pivot mount is in the C pillar under a plastic plug. Upper mounting hole for the inertia reel in the hatch area is there (under a plastic cover), you'll need to drill the lower one for the attachment bolt. I'll post photos soon, but send me a note if you have ANY questions.

It took me perhaps an hour or so to do the retrofit, normal tools, a drill, tapered reamer and red Loctite are really all you'll need.

Gregory in Geneva

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