1984 City Cosmo JDM Cabriolet issues

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1984 City Cosmo JDM Cabriolet issues

Postby TeddyBoyes » Fri Nov 01, 2013 8:33 am

Hello this is my first question on this useful site:
I have a 1984 City Cosmo JDM Cabriolet which has just had a new head gasket / timing belt / radiator installed.
The ignition timing was done at the same time.
Here's the issue: The car has better low end power and pick up now. However, it will no longer rev over 4500rpm and the top end power is almost nil - going up long hills on the open road it almost stops and the coolant temperature rises. I'm thinking either ignition timing has been retarded too far or perhaps bad coil / distributor cap. Then I run out of ideas.
Can you suggest:
1) Causes and possible remedies based on your experience please.
2) Also - who could work on my car now that I'm living in Melbourne s/E suburbs.

Thanks your advice is appreciated- Teddy

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