Hunting - Simple fix

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Hunting - Simple fix

Postby bowlink1 » Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:57 pm

So one of my citys has been hunting pretty damn badly lately so decided to have a swing at the tried and tested auto choke fix technique. However it seemed like there wasn't much adjustment left. So we thought the wax thermostat in wasn't raising up high enough so we ground the base down a little more..which didn't help. We had tried to hunt down a new thermostat here in Christchurch but to no avail so the next step was to place an old Dutch 10cent coin between the lower spring plate and the thermostat pin.

Before this happened however dad noticed the lower bulb (where the water pools) was cold but the car was taking off a water pipe leading into the bulb resulted in 10 seconds of nothing, then hot water.
So this all meant the thermostat was working but water wasn't getting there. Started thinking busted head gasket (air bubbles through the radiator) but was hoping for something simple like the main thermostat didnt have the bleed valve right way up. BUT we noticed there was a small kink in a small water pipe so after straightening it all out...THE HUNTING PROBLEM WAS FIXED

Just goes to show another fix for the notorious hunting problem could be as simple as straightening out a kink in a water pipe!

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