Cold idle

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Cold idle

Postby CaptainCabinets » Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:16 pm

Hi there CityTurbo members

New member here, glad to find that there is a city turbo specific forum. Man I love the internet.

I will be working on a 76 Civic with a T2 engine swap with a family friend in the coming months. The main issue at the moment is regarding cold idle. It sits at around 2000rpm for the first ten minutes, then drops to around 900 after that.

I have read a number of threads on here about this, and the following seems to be the most pertinent:

I wanted to confirm though, is ten minutes too long for it to warm up? We are based in Australia, with a current low of around 7 degrees celsius overnight here in winter.

We are suspicious that there is something else at play because there seems to be a light smoke (possibly from too much fuel being run through the engine) coming out of the exhaust pipe.

Any assistance much appreciated.

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