Loss of power at high load - Carby 1983 non-turbo City

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Loss of power at high load - Carby 1983 non-turbo City

Postby NewZulund » Mon Nov 14, 2016 8:19 am

Hey team,

My little red non-turb CityE has started almost entirely losing power under heavy load.
This means the car starts to cut out when I get >70 on the highway till I'm back down to ~20km/h and can only crawl up hills at ~15km/h.

I'm thinking its either the coil or fuel pump. I just replaced the ignition module and had the car's timing sorted.

Interestingly pulling the choke noticeably helps when climbing hills, untested on the highway. The car seems to be fine with full-throttle acceleration up to a certain speed/rpm/load.

Any ideas? Anything I should double check when I have a look at it?


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Re: Loss of power at high load - Carby 1983 non-turbo City

Postby KingCity » Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:31 pm

Funny this, i had a issue with one of my N/A's which done the same thing, i ended up pulling the carb apart to check & clean the jets, i couldn't find any problems so put it back together & put it back on the car to find it had the same issue so i changed the carb with a spare i had & the problem went away just like that. One day i got bored so put the carb back on the car to find it ran sweet as & never had an issue again with it, very very strange. Anyway i dont have any N/A stuff anymore but i could put you onto a guy who may have a spare carb lying around, hes in Wellington.

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