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Postby Jdmcity » Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:10 pm

So in March 2018 I jumped into the city turbo world with an 83' city E that had been transplanted with a t1 engine trans and dashboard.

Firstly was a fresh coat of red paint followed by an upgrade to a rodeo turbo and a 2.5 " exhaust. This was a bit oversized, so swapped back factory turbo (plus rebuilt it) and increased the boost to 11psi.

Then added a fuel cut defender and rb30 fuel pump, running 17psi.

Next it was front mount intercooler plus enlarged intake (red manifold with pgmfi on it) & Bov.

Fitted bride replica bucket seat.

Managed to get my hands on a t2 bonnet, threw that on.

The little chonda was running good at this point, a lot of fun, making all the right noises, and lookin good! :D

when one day a wee red oil light appeared on the dash. Carried on to home only to find out there was zero oil pressure - the oil worm drive gear on the camshaft had stripped all the teeth off. :evil: :cry:

Unsure of the damage to the internals, and aware of how impossible it would be to find a new camshaft or get it repaired, I thought oh well, I'll use it as an excuse to do a D series turbo conversion :) :twisted: :lol:

So I started on this, and after a years research, work, and trial and error I now have the following in my little City E:

-D15B vtec 122k kms wrecker engine (the 130hp one)
-D15B 5 spd manual gearbox
-550cc bosch injectors
-excedy hd clutch
-hasport hydro to cable clutch adaptor kit
-megasquirt MS1 extra ecu
-TD04L subaru wrx turbo
-civic standard radiator
-turbosmart 38mm ext wastegate
-2.5" intercooler piping
-DA5 front brake calipers
-240mm x 19mm 1998 holden barina vented rotors
-full custom bilstein adjustable suspension built by speed factor in tauranga
-tuned by megasquirt
-repaint in satin deep red.
-Led headlights with halo day runners
-t2 front bumper
-civic gauge cluster
-custom hd axles

And after all of this she made 145whp @ 8psi on the dyno at 5300rpm and 200nm. Also, 160nm from 3000rpm to 6000rpm. :shock: :D

Although the engine makes power to 7200rpm, the turbo cant flow any more air over 5500rpm so have ordered a bigger compressor wheel and cover to fix this. :mrgreen:

Currently in the certification process as we speak.

Will add photos when I can...

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