Post pictures and details of your Honda City
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Postby Smithy » Wed Mar 31, 2004 3:56 pm

Honda City TurboII


Standard except...

-New clutch with about 40% more clamp pressure.

-Beat 13 inch jap alloys, with Yokohama's A509s.

-JVC mp3 cd head unit, VDO front spkrs in front doors
 factory panels, 4x250watt amp, and Clarion 12" Sub.

-Two and quarter inch full exhaust from turbo back, all
 mandrel bends. High flow cat and flexi joint, straight
 throw design muffler, and chrome droopey knob tip.
 see pic:

Also I've had to replace thermostat, water pump, all the belts.  Plugs are NGK  R, and I use Motul oil.  We got hit by the flying remains of a truck tyre which  chipped paint on spots and left skid marks (lol) on the front bumper :(
I've also replaced the engine support at the back with a mint condition original filled in with Sikoflex to stop the engine torque bump associated with the funky idle.
see pic:

-->identified problems:
     HUNTING   >:(
     Non functional digital boost guage.<-kinda fixed
     Busted off radiator drain plug.      <-nearly sorted
     Boost activated fuel cut!!!

I've recently painted the front brake calipers and added
some stickers...
Further, I've hooked up an
               OMORI Guage  reading vacumn and boost!
Also fitted while back replacement headlights I picked up from CivicKiller, and replaced the bulbs, and got them
all working, and switched side lights from teh head light back to the orangey-yellow ones on bumper above fog lights.


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