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JohnT & CT

Postby JohnT » Sat Sep 13, 2003 7:29 pm

Chris bought the Green Civic from Charles (Racecraft) back in mid 2002, and we have had it on the road since June 2003 or so. Lately its not doing any work, so anyone that fancies a nice Green Civic / City drop me a note.
Beautifully balanced engine, flowed inlet manifold & head. (Thanks Charles!) When the knife edge throttle body I broke is back on the car that will be good - running with a less optimum one at the moment. Oversize injectors supplied by Charles.

The head is held down by high tensile studs, and the big ends have high tensile bolts.

In first gear you have to watch that you don't hit 7,000 rpm plus as it simply spins up there very quickly. (CT had the tacho calibrated, so  its for real ...)
Garret GT17 turbo (water cooled) on an equal length manifold, into a custom dump pipe. Braided oil lines & copperhead protected coolant lines to the turbo. Chris has fitted a turbo pressure controller to the waste gate line, and we have a "oomph" from the blow off valve when you shut down the throttle.
The fuel tank has been set up with swirl pots, and has two pumps - a high volume / low pressure dragging the fuel out of the tank, followed by a high pressure Bosch sports pump.
Intercooler sits in front left of engine bay, heavy duty radiator in front right (normal position in a Civic)
The front brakes are Racecraft upgrades with a booster, and drive shafts have been replaced with fully recon ones. We had the wheel bearings totally overhauled in November 2003, as there was play in the wheels. Now handles a lot better, and doesn't have a wobbly noise. :)
The battery is in the boot (hatch) in a battery box, and the air inlet & filter now live where the battery should have been. It used to be an Odyssey, but it wouldn't hold up with the alarm system, so now a gel battery.
Mags all round, with lowish profile wide wheels.
Gear box is a five speed (perhaps Accord?) that Charles supplied in a Civic box. Clutch is moderately standard aftermarket, but seems to handle the load. Spare box is a Turbo one. (Or is it the other way round?)
Four speaker stereo / CD.
Chris is no longer driving to work in this beast as he has a Jazz VTiS, so the toy is awaiting a decent tune and preparation for running with a club. Would rather like to put it round Mallalla at some stage, but need to find the time.
Prelude front seats, an overhead centre Civic Console with map lights as well as general cabin light, and aftermarket carpets.

Chris has also re-built the suspension, with King Springs (Civic - low version) over the Koni shockers that Charles had already fitted. Koni's currently set to the middle of their adjustment range. This didn't work well, so we're back to Civic springs on the fronts that Charles originally supplied - why is it that suspension is harder to rework than anything else!

At the moment we are running a medium boost - only around 12 psi.  We have a gated controller in the waste gate line and boost seems to build up quite fast.

Chris added a combined turbo timer / voltmeter and air / fuel meter in late Dec 2003, this gives a A/F ratio of around 15, falling with leading throttle, and rising a bit with a trailing throttle.  A neat device, keeps the engine going for a variable time after switch off - currently set to 30 seconds.

This is no longer Chris's daily drive, and is now a hobby car. As such, while it is fun to have, anyone that decides they would like to buy it can make an offer - but the reserve is non trivial!


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