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Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 12:00 pm
by Crazy2bother
Hi everyone!

I live in brisbane, Queensland,  Australia.  I am an actor who does a bit of dabbling with cars on weekends.  I would never call myself good with cars, ever.

I have a standard silver City Pro T that I picked up for $400.  Right now the whole front is off, and the original CVCC engine is lying on the floor of my garage, never to go back in.  Instead I am planning to retrofit a B-series VTEC engine into it (crazy?  Yes.  Hence my username).

I am planning to take my time with the project so that I can make as many mistakes as I like and still have fun.  Of course, if anyone has any ideas that could help me, I'm all ears.

Why a Honda City?  Well, I think if anyone here asks that question, then I'm at the wrong place ;).  I like how cheeky and zippy they are, and how you can race through tight inner city alleys with ease.

I also have a nearly dead white City Pro T that I drive to work (my day job.  Actors still have to pay rent).  It is covered in severe hail damage so it got the nickname "The Golf Ball" from my boss.