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Postby doggystyle » Sun Aug 17, 2003 1:09 pm

Name:Thomas Cox
Location: (former)chch nz, (current) london england
Call Sign:doggystyle
            reason: as the t2 is affectionately known as the
                        bulldog so i was seen to be doing it
Hardware:1983 turbo 11
        i rescued this car from shefield in canterbury, they were going to use it as a paddock racer and i wanted a motor for my eb1 civic when i got out there to my surprise it was a t2 instead of a t1 and in surprisingly good nick so i gave the lady $150 and drove it home, discovering on the way that the turbo didnt work and would only do 95 kms..  i made an on the spot decision to get it back on the road puchasing a reco standard turbo from phil at t-tech also deciding to get rid of the cat and other retsrictive factory options. I built a 2 1/2 dumper from a mandrel u bend, had a flange plate made up and wielded it all together.. me and bri took it for a drive over the poo ponds in bromley, whilst doing 150 in fourth it suddenly developed a nasty miss and lost all power.. so we took it home and umed and ahhed over what to do and decided to pull it down.. prognosis, burnt valve (pheew) cause, worn cvcc cams not letting rich mixture in so leaning out under boost, a secondhand cam later and a recond head( including all valve stem seals and three angle valve seats)got it going again only to discover that the comp rings in cylinders 3 and 4 were stuffed only giving 60% of the recommended comp, i decided to leave it,  putting a new 2 1/4 inch exhaust on it anyway, as i had to save to go to melbourne, but as fate would have it bri pursuaded me to give it a spray job and promptly bought 2ltrs of bmw daccar rally yellow while i was away working so i had to paint it.. the rust oh the rust i nearly cried at the sight of the quite possibly terminal cancer but got hold of my bosses mig and attacked it with gusto got it painted drove it for two weeks then shifted to melbourne(dam, bloody girlfriend) but i also aquired various parts from donor t1s on the way which replenished my belief in luck and i will keep going when i get home.. the unfortunate part is i had to sell it to my girls brother cos i needed the money but he's going to keep it so i can buy it back of him when i get home. I will add various photos.

Mods:hksboost guage (2 bar)
        hks front mount intercooler
        hks oil cooler
        hks boost controller
        hks piggyback computer
        standard turbo(recon)
        2 1/2" dump pipe into 2 1/4" exhaust with headman turbo can and 2 1/2" tip
        full 2" lowered kyb springs and front struts(yet to
        be installed)
        standard wheels painted satin black
Software:red on black t1, no sterio just the sweet sound of boosted air and throttle chatter on gear change and massive back fires on decel


this now has the full kyb 2" lowered springs and integra? 15" 195/55/15... also has a new motor dunno if they used my reco head or not but apparently just beat a new falcon and an s/c levin


im still trying to get them to paint the rims charcoal or black as i intended but since im 15000kms away im having some trouble enforcing it.... a

you'll also notice a bit of paint removal on the rear bumper where the bunghole reversed into a pole >:(.. cant trust people to look after your car while youre away... even if they do own it(still in the family tho)

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