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Computer Codes

Postby JohnT » Tue Jan 27, 2004 10:20 pm

The ECU has a window with 4 LEDS inside. These LEDS are labelled 8, 4, 2 & 1 and you get the code number by adding the numbers up for any that are lit. As well as the numbered lights, the City has a PGM-F1 lamp (in the dash) which may also be lit.

The code data below comes from a CRX manual (thanks Henry...) but the computer and associated codes are MAINLY the same. Beware potential for incorrect data.

To get the code you need to run the engine and then check the lights BEFORE turning off the ignition. I understand the computer is under the seat in the City (on the firewall in our Civic!)

Code 0: PGM-F1 lit (no other lights up) Control unit failure, short circuit in combination meter. Engine won't start.

Code 1: Shorted or faulty O2 sensor

Code 3: (lights 2 & 1 lit) MAP sensor - disconnected or open / shorted MAP sensor wiring. Poor pick up, engine tends to stall.

Code 5: (lights 4 & 1 lit) Disconnected MAP sensor vacuum line

Code 6: (lights 4 & 2 lit) TW sensor faulty / disconnected / open circuit - Difficult to start when cold

Code 7: (lights 4, 2 & 1 lit) - Throttle sensor - disconnected / open circuit (or incorrectly set when throttle is shut we found when we rebuilt throttle body! Output needs to be 0.48 - 0.52V - you need a high impedance DVM to measure) Poor pick up if not correct.

Code 8: (light 8 lit) TDC sensor - open / shorted wiring or disconnected - irregular idle speed, poor pick up

Code 9: (lights 8 & 1 lit) CYL sensor

PGM-F1 lit and Code 10: (lights 8 & 2) TA sensor - irregular idle when cold

PGM F1 and Code 11: (lights 8, 2 & 1 lit) - IMA sensor (influences mixture richness)

PGM-F1 & Code 13: - in CRX is the PA sensor. I don't believe the City has one - maybe MAP2?


HyperBlade EDIT: Thanks to Bigelboe for translating, original post found here. viewtopic.php?t=2103

Code 3: is map sensor A faulty wiring

Code 4: is map sensor B faulty wiring

Code 5: is faulty plumbing for either map sensor

Code 8: is faulty cam angle sensor

Code 9: is the same as 8

Codes 12 to 16: are all ECU problems

These are all translated from page 11-18 in the city turbo manual.

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