Worn Cam & rockers

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Worn Cam & rockers

Postby JohnT » Sun Mar 21, 2004 7:18 pm

The following info was provided by Charles in a post. Dropped in here lightly edited, with Camtech contact details added.

John T

The number 4 cam lobes are prone to wearing down in Honda city turbos (and many other cvccs for that matter). The main reason is less oiling than the other lobes combined with dirty or old oil. The number 4 lobes for a variety of reasons including the positioning of cam caps get less oil than the other lobes. Honda cams are nitrided and once your rocker/lobe assembly gets oil on it that is breaking down and not holding the correct surface tension the nitrided surface starts to wear away. Under the nitriding the cam is pretty soft and if the motor still has dirty/crap or old oil it will wear away at an accellerated rate (not just the lobe but also the rocker face. Even replacing the old with clean fresh stuff won't really help.

Camtech [In Whitepages as Camtech Australia Pty Ltd, Camshaft Sales,  Unit 15/ 20 Alfred Rd,  Chipping Norton 2170  (02) 9755 3101 ] or any reputable cam shop will rebuild the cam using stellite. This is hard wearing and will last. Keep good oil up to it. they can also reface rockers. ( Camtech won't reface your rockers )

You can replace the no 4 rocker with the same style rocker from one of the other cam lobes as long as it is near perfect otherwise get the rockers and lobes built up as a matched pair. They will use the specs of your other cvcc lobes to determine the right grind for the lobe/s that have been chewed up.

Keep a good quality oil in your car and replace it regularly (5000kms). Heat cycling with a turbo does nasty things to oil. Don't bother with synthetic unless you are made of cash, use a good quality mineral oil or blend and make sure it is light. None of this 25W50+ crap! Hondas have very tight tolerences and like the light stuff. my favourite is something like Penzoil 5W30 or even Honda's FEO. Dont go heavier than a 20W40 which is the recommended oil.

Original words by Charles, lightly edited by JT

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