Cabriolet Turbo Conversion and other suggestions..

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Cabriolet Turbo Conversion and other suggestions..

Postby Tony » Mon Aug 16, 2004 1:40 pm

Ok this should cover all the stuff you might not think of when trying to drop a T1 or T2 engine into a carbiolet.

1.  Get an entire T1 or T2 as the donor car, it'll be easier and probably cheaper than trying to get all the bits as you go.

2.  You will need to swap fuel tanks and fuel lines and fit the fuel pump.

3.  The wiring loom from the T1 will have to be fitted to allow for the computer and injection but spliced into the original toward the rear of the doors because the back end wiring is different.

4.  When you swap the dash, which you'll need to do, you'll have to swap the heater box as a pipe that protrudes through the firewall will hit the turbo.

5.  Use the radiator from the Cab, the turbo one will not fit properly.  You'll be able to use the bottom radiator hose but you'll need to find something to fit the top (I used some form of Toyota hose).

6.  The front brakes on my Cab were bigger than those on the front of the T1 so I kept those but swap the T1 front sway bar on to the Cab and it'll handle a lot better, you'll still get some chassis flex but the front end will feel much more planted on the road.

7.  If you're going to use a T2 as a donor and want to fit the standard intercooler you'll need to swap over the black box on the firewall with all the vacuum stuff in it as these are different and the top intercooler bracket will not fit with the standard one in place.

8.  Just a suggestion but you should probably drop the entire aircon system while you're there, it's just unnecessary weight and the compressor leaves a nice hole for fitting a pod filter (Yes I know it's hotter in Oz but drop the top and get some sunscreen  :P)

9.  Get hold of a T2 bonnet, they just look better and allow for the new standard air filter positioning.

10.  The standard exhaust will no longer bolt on so you'll need to do your pipe at the same time.  I went 2.25 from the turbo straight through down the center of the car, no cats or anything else just a straight through 90mm stainless muffler and it's not too loud.  The pipe can run straight down the center with only a slight bend towards the drivers side to go around the fuel tank and then out the back (not over the rear suspension like the original)

11.  Get some decent width rims on there, with little weight and the extra power you'll be smokin it everywhere.  I went to 195/50 15's and could still spin/drift it easily enough.

12.  Try NOT to think of how much money you just spent and go and have some fun with it!


Tony  :D

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