T2 imported from NZ to Australia

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T2 imported from NZ to Australia

Postby turbo2_83 » Sun Oct 31, 2004 7:49 pm

This is my experience bringing my 1983 T2 back from NZ to Australia with me. Obviously every car will be different and so could cost more or less than mine did.
I have tried to list all costs here but no doubt I forgot one or two things so the real amount spent is probably a little higher than what's written...

Purchase price in $NZ.................$2000
Shipping/Insurance $NZ..............$1200
Customs Duty + GST $AU............$522
Quarantine Fees $AU..................$100
Aircon Degass $AU......................$30
Compliance & Roadworthy $AU.....$3993
Registration $AU.........................$530
Plates (slimline) $AU...................$47
Duty again with rego $AU...........$64
Frustration at waiting so long and forking
out so much $$$$$$$$$$$$$....Pricless...

Total cost: roughly $8500

One expensive city...

The car came inside a container with the rest of our stuff and so I only had to pay about $700 for shipping (the difference in price between a standard and high cube container which was needed to fit the car in cos we had so much other stuff). The cheapest quote for shipping the car by itself that I got was $1900, the dearest almost $7000!

Here is what was done for the compliance, from the invoice:


Check vehicle for roadworthiness and inspect items as required to pass R.W.C. inspection and test as set out by the relevant authority 'VicRoads'.

Engineers inspection report, including A.D.R. paperwork.

To manufacture new VIN plate and emboss new VIN ID No. to plate, fit new VIN ID plate to vehicle.

Exhaust emission at engine idle speed, CO% test and report.

Repair chipped windscreen as required.

Supply and fit flat external mirror glass to vehicle.

Supply and fit new child restraint anchor points and plugs.

Supply and fit rear seat belt anchorage points for rear passenger lap-sash seat belts.

Supply and fit rear inertia reel seat belts, remove interior trimmings and fit new seat belts. Re-assemble in reverse order. Check operation of new seat belts.

Supply and fit new front/rear windscreen wiper blades, clean and aim rear washer jet.

Dismantle doors and fit anti-intrusion bars into doors as required and re-assemble.

Modify brake warning system to suit A.D.R. requirements.

Replace or re-paint windscreen wiper arms black. (From white).

Supply and fit tyre pressure and wheel rim size placard.

Repair/replace steering lock to operate (lock steering wheel when key is removed).

Supply and fit engine tune up label for engine compartment.

Remove aftermarket brake/accelerator pedal covers.

Remove shock-absorber fasteners, remove worn out and leaking shock absorbers from vehicle, replace shock absorbers with new, re-assemble all in reverse order and secure fasteners, check operation of new shock absorbers.

Remove rear speakers.


Apparently the car had to meet stricter requirements because I imported it as a vehicle 15 years or older instead of a Personal Import which I had to do because I hadn't owned the car for 12 months or more. Besides the shocks the car was/is in good condition. The car was dented just forward of the drivers door a little as well, too small to claim on insurance though. I'm happy to have my City here with me, wouldn't do it again though!


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Re: T2 imported from NZ to Australia

Postby KiwiCatherine » Sat May 27, 2017 9:38 pm

Reading this posting (in NZ in 2017) I'm left thinking "In 2004, you got a T2 for just NZ $2,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Seems to be particularly good vlue for a good turbo model.

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