Mugen T2 Racer Engine Specifications

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Mugen T2 Racer Engine Specifications

Postby James » Tue May 22, 2007 7:46 pm

Details from a letter from Mugen in Japan dated 1997. - Thanks Charles

Cam change (@ 1mm lift)
Intake 10 BTDC to 45ATDC
Exhaust 45BBDC to 10 ATDC
Don't have max lift

Boost increase to 1.63 kg/cm^2 (22psi)
Change of C valve stem seal (to what I don't know)
A/F controller
Bigger injectors (80% increase)
ECU replacement

Dampers and Springs
5kg/mm F
12kg/mm R

[email protected]
22.0kg/m^[email protected]

0-200m 8.6s
0-400m 13.5s

52mm straight pipe exhaust

Gear Ratios
Final 3.722

Mugen LSD

Body kit made by Moon Craft

Front wheels 9.0 20-13
Rear Wheels 7.5 20 -13

The cars were purchased by an Australian businessman to be shipped to Australia. The cars were destroyed in the 1995 Osaka earthquake when the warehouse they were stored in collapsed.

At least two cars remain, one in the Honda museum and one that has been restored by enthusiasts in Japan.

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