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Every bit of information we have about the Honda City compiled by our members!
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Videos / Commercials

Postby Brendan » Wed Sep 08, 2004 9:50 am

Original Honda City Commercials thanks to Eddie and Hyperblade.  

Some discussion on the commercials and rough translations are here - Click!

If you want a copy of the following videos, copy the link into a download program like Getright or right click "Save As" on the links.

Max size is 465kb most are around 200kb (will need quicktime to play them - which is available for free, here:

Clicking on the link will run the video (if you have the necessary software)


Links to our copy of these videos have been removed at the request of Honda Japan and the webmaster of "City of Life"

They can still be viewed in the original location:


Some random videos (first 4 provided by HyperBlade)

First one is of a city boosting up a road from a standstill features various camera angles. About 1.8mb 58sec ... t2_one.wmv

Second one is of the same car on a twisty road. 4.24mb 2.12 min ... t2_two.wmv

Turbo 1? 2? Dark Turbo boostin up 5sec long 588k ... I_0032.avi

White Turbo 1 Black Flames painted on front 0.99mb 2sec ... hoonda.mpg

Brendan and Faders White T2  1.04mb 7sec ... CF0004.avi

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