Assorted Translated Diagrams

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Assorted Translated Diagrams

Postby James » Sun May 25, 2008 3:59 pm

Here are some partially translated diagrams. I will probably eventually get around to fully translating them fairly soon as I am going to be re-wiring my car using a city loom.

If someone wants to finish/do some more traslation then feel free :D

Right-click and save as to your computer to download 8)

Honda City Turbo 1 ECU Wiring Diagram

Honda City Turbo 1 Piping Chart / Vacuum Diagram

Honda City Turbo 1 Wiring Diagram

Honda City Turbo 2 Wiring Diagram (Minimally Translated)

Honda City Turbo 2 Piping Chart / Vacuum Diagram

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