Steering Wheel Boss Kits

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Steering Wheel Boss Kits

Postby Muppet » Fri Jul 08, 2005 9:25 pm

There are two different types of boss kits to fit the Honda City, so be aware that all the city's are not the same.

The first kit avaible is the one for the City models up to 1983. These will as so fit other model Honda's
     *Accord-Vigor                  83-88/89
          *Accord-Vigor                90-92                              
          *City                             up to 83
     *Civic-Balade-CRX         up to 83
     *Civic-Balade-CRX         88-91
     *Concerto                     88 up
     *Interga                       86 up
          *Legend                          86 to 92
     *Prelude AB,BA1/4/5        up to 83
HKB part No   BK OH-08
MOMO part No 4903  (maybe US number)

The second kit avaible is the one for the City models from 1984. These will as fit other model Honda's.
      *City                            84 up
      *Civic-Balade-CRX        84-87    
HKB part No  BK OH-90
MOMO part No  4905  (maybe US number)

Will keep on researching for other models but these are the most common I've come across.
I also stand to be corrected, if wrong.

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