WTB: Honda City Turbo 2 Parts

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WTB: Honda City Turbo 2 Parts

Postby vinnytang » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:18 am

So I'm picking up my new car next month, thought I'll get the jump on sourcing parts I'd want now as I know it isn't the easiest car to find bits for. Oh I'm based in Melbourne too, but happy to ship items over.

Here's an 'ideal' list of what I'm after:

- Factory rear spoiler
- Tidy roof lining
- Trunk carpet
- Turbo 2 rear seats
- Factory option roof rack
- Mugen CF-48 wheels (interested in any cool period wheels really)
- Lowered springs (can't seem to find the ZOOM ones mentioned in old threads)
- Any cool period accessory or period Mugen bits tbh

I'm heading to Tokyo for business in Mid-May, so I can even get some parts found on Yahoo Auctions shipped to a friends place for me to pick up. Feel free to share listings on there or Japanese sites where I might be able to find parts!

Thanks in advance,


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