Selling up

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Selling up

Postby James » Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:35 am

Hey guys, finally time to sell up shop and make some room! Its been a good time but I need to be realistic about my plans, and the Nissan world is stealing garage space.

I have no idea what this is worth, so I will take offers but for the sake of putting a price there is one.

The Main Bits:
1x Rebuilt t2 block, with receipt. Done 30-40km on rebuild.
1x Rebuilt head with mild port and polish, matching intake and exhaust mani
1x rebuilt and mildly ported T1 turbo, ported wastegate
3x City T gearboxes, I think 2x T1, 1x T2.
1x T2 flywheel and clutch
1x 3" dump that fit in a 2nd gen Civic, unsure about in a city.
1x Mostly complete T2 loom with labels
1x working, non leaking vacuum advance!!
1x throttle body, missing secondary throttle plate
1x 2.5" intake plenum/elbow
1x T1 starter motor.
Engine mounts for 2nd Gen Civic, power coated
Plasma cut flange set for exhaust mani
1x T2 inlet mani
3x City Turbo Rocker Cover
3x ECU, one chipped T2 ECU with maybe a higher boost cut (experiment)
1x T2 Fuse box
Assorted gaskets

Little Bits:
Several injector sets
Many accessory looms like engine, injectors etc
several dizzys and caps and 2x sets of leads
spare valve train and worn cam
Basically everything in the pics that's obviously in the pile.
Turbo oil feed

This engine was built ~15 years ago by Colza and me (Bigelboe), it ran in my Civic until ~2008 when I took it off the road and its been sitting since then. The two almost black photos are of the bore taken with an endoscope camera. Looks like some surface rust at the top of the bores but turns over nicely and cross-hatching still easily visible. Most of the time its been sitting in my car in the garage or on an engine stand in the garage.

Everything should be there to build this into a working motor except the missing throttle plate. The cam that's in there is somewhat worn, could do with replacing. I stole one of the valve lock collet things from a CVCC valve but I have spares in there to replace it. Maybe need an alternator too. It will come with some fasteners that are specialized like manifold washers, but will be missing a lot of the others as they are all mixed in with my Civic ones because I had them replated.

Taking offers at this stage, but for the sake of putting a price, $1500NZD


Logan nzl
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Re: Selling up

Postby Logan nzl » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:22 pm

Hey man how much are you after for the rebuilt turbo?

I'm located in Wellington so would need shipping too

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Re: Selling up

Postby Eb3_Turbo » Sat Apr 07, 2018 9:04 am

Hey mate,
How much for the a dizzy?
And are any of your injector sets bigger then standard?

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