Black top and Red top

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Black top and Red top

Postby D4RKKNIGH7 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:24 pm

Hey guys, I got a 86 Honda city and I'm looking at getting a newer engine for it.
What is the interchangeability between the black and Red top engines.

Is far as I know the black tops have extra emissions crap on them, do the red top intake and exhaust manifolds bolt onto black tops? and are the gearboxes the same?

I currently have a Red Top out of the car, but its a bit "used" and was looking at getting a black top one cause its cheap and i cant seem to find any red top ones. And am planning on using the best of both engine until i can find a turbo one.


IN NZ btw

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Re: Black top and Red top

Postby KingCity » Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:41 pm

Hello. Red tops are JDM however in New Zealand there are some late model red top city's that were classed as 'NZ New' however they weren't NZ Assembled. As far as i'm aware of, all NZ New (NZ Assembled!) city's are Black Tops with manual transmissions however i could be completely wrong.

Main differences between Red Top & Black Top is that the Red Top is 12 valve & uses a EGR valve for emissions & the Black Top is an 8 valve engine & doesn't use any EGR valve or catalytic converter.

Heads are different including intake & exhaust manifolds also including the throttle body & filter pan. The only thing that is the same between these 2 engines are the blocks which can be interchanged but i have not compared pistons/rods etc as there could be slight differences.

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