1987 Honda City GA1 D12A Upgrade questions.

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1987 Honda City GA1 D12A Upgrade questions.

Postby Venetox » Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:55 am

Hey all,

Just spent the last year turbocharging my brothers NA Mazda MX5 completely DIY with megasquirt ecu.

Now I've got my own car (the honda city in question), and I'm looking to do an engine conversion on it :twisted:
From what I've researched a Honda ZC engine should bolt in to the stock mounts and transmission.
I know I will need fuel lines, ecu, fuel pump etc, but I know roughly how I'm going to sort all that stuff!
I've got some questions though.

► Does anyone know if the DOHC version will also bolt in (or SOHC non vtec) to the stock engine mounts and transmission?
► Is there a list of engines that will bolt in (including transmission if required)?
► Would a SOHC ZC (vtec or non vtec) and swapping a dohc head on be better than a DOHC ZC?
► Ideally I want a hydraulic clutch though It probably doesn't matter that much, are there any conversion kits or is it a full DIY job/just go for a hydro transmission?

I also have a strange issue in mine.
When letting out the clutch as soon as it gets to the friction zone it jolts and bites but still slips as it should based on still being depressed.
If I let the clutch out extremely slowly it is less noticeable but still there. I also hear a sort of clunk when it happens. I am fairly competent at driving manual so I don't think it is an issue of my driving too much.

I know this is a fair few questions but hopefully i'm not seeming too nooby, just is hard to find lots of info on this car.

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