Compatible fuel pump for turbo 1 plus other parts

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Compatible fuel pump for turbo 1 plus other parts

Postby Funugs007 » Sun Jul 24, 2022 9:41 pm

Does any one know of the fuel pump used on the t1. Mine is only running at 24 psi and stuggles to even start the engine and misfires above 3000 rpm.
Also I need a compressor so I can get my ac working again
Also what a good substitute air intake valve, my car idle at 2000rpm

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Re: Compatible fuel pump for turbo 1 plus other parts

Postby Caleb » Fri Sep 02, 2022 8:45 pm

Bosch 044 external EFI pump, but that doesn't sound like your problem. I'd start by replacing your fuel filter (RYCO Z360) & would be a good idea to have all 5 injectors cleaned & tested.
AC compressors are the first thing i tare off & throw away so I cant help you there.
the auto-choke aka Honda's early version of an idle air control valve is basically a temperature controlled valve that opens & closes airflow depending on the temperature of the coolant flowing thru the lower part of it, It also has a idle adjustment brass screw on top of it.
It can be easily disassembled & cleaned, take care saving all the little orings cause you'll need to take them into a auto parts store to be matched up for new ones.

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