Post pictures and details of your Honda City
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Postby Colza » Sat Feb 05, 2005 3:50 pm

From North Shore, Auckland.

My ride is a Gold 1980 civic with a City Turbo engine.  




T2 Gearbox with Saico heavy duty clutch and lightened flywheel.
T2 block just rebuilt
T1 fully reconditioned head with T2 valves, ported polished and port matched manifolds.
Recon. T1 Turbo
Massive 3" dump-pipe dropping to 2.5" after the flexi
2.5" Lukey Super Turbo muffler
Front mounted intercooler, not sure what from but plently big enough 8)
Quest 4 BOV.
Carbon Fiber POD filter
Toyota 4-wire oxy sensor.

Looks standard but with hidden Pioneer CD player, not so hidden 6" component rears and a 12" dual voice coil 1000W Warren G subwoofer.
Blitz DC stepper motor boost guage
Afternarket steering wheel with Honda badge, not sure who its made by.
T2 'monster tacho'  (coming soon)

Colour: Good condition factory Gold

Wheels: 15" imitation advanti 5-spokes with 205 50R15's
Rolled back arches

Brakes: Calipers from an EF9 VTEC Civic
242mm vented disks from ?
Std drums on the back but disks coming soon

Suspension: T2 front struts, 79 civic rear struts
Custom shortened springs all round. The WOF people dont like them, so im working on a more legal setup ;) 
1600 EL Accord engine with headwork to fit Turbo manifolds.

The EB project:
My Orange 4-door EB Civic is currently waiting patiantly in the garage for what ever grand future awaits is. Rest assured it will go very fast, be very scary, and make Evo's wet their pants...

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Re: Colza

Postby Colza » Sat Feb 05, 2005 3:52 pm

For some reason i felt like writing up the history of my Civic and generally how it all came about. Ive missed out a heap of stuff i should have put in, and rambled for too long on stuff i shouldnt have bothered with, but as noone is ever going to read it anyway it shouldnt matter :P

Chapter 1:

Way back in 2002 i was given my Grandfathers old 1980 Civic. It was a 1300 Hondamatic, a little dented but it went well and got me to school every day. When the head-gasket started leaking Bigelboe and I and another mate from school decided that we'd have a crack at pulling that motor out and swapping in a City Turbo engine. To 3 6th form kids with minimal previous experience and a big empty Christmas break it seemed like a great idea ;D We found an old rusty T2 in Trade and Exchange for $100, it didn't run. We managed to get the engine running, get the car rolling, and then took it for a boost around my mates lawn a few times, then set about pulling the engine out. After a lot of money (i cant remember how much ::)) and time and a few boxes of beer given to dads of mates we got the motor in. It went for certification and failed. We redid all the motor mounts, tidyed it up amazingly, and then decided to put on a Garret T04 (massive turbo) that i got offered by a guy in Pick a Part for cheap. This was great fun, but when i took it back for cert again it was failed for no other reason than the fact that the certifier was a complete prick. I then spent even more money fixed it up more, tidied it up more, and took it back for its 3rd cert which it passed ;D

Chapter 2 ;)

Not too long after the certification saga, i was driving through Browns Bay and had a bit of an 'incident' on a corner. Corner my ass, it was barely even a bend, but the factory bald 155/80R12 tyres with 20 year old shocks on a wet and greasy road proved to be inssuficient to keep the car going in the correct direction. It stopped at the opposite curb. Sadly old Hondas arent fantastically robust and most of the drivers side suspention went for a bit of a journey. The wheel moved backwards in the arch, and the swaybar pulled the whole front structure back with it. Not pretty. I had it badly repaired so it would drive again, but the camber and toe were always out from then on, and i could only get warrants at a dodgey place out in Silverdale ::)

Chapter 3 ;D:
This begins with me glancing at an add for a 1981 Civic which was claimed to have no rust. I had long since given up finding a replacement chassis for my beloved Brown Civic but i thought i better check it out anyway. It turned out to be in fantastic condition, and i promptly bought it. I began driving my new Civic round while my old brown one was relieved of its engine. The Hondamatic died, but it was replaced by a 5sp manual over a weekend. The T2 engine was dropped off at my local reconditioners and then over the summer holidays of 2004-2005 it was all re-assembled into my Gold Civic.

This is more or less where i am now. When the new front mount goes on and my upgrade turbo is on i will be off to Meremere to get some times in. Wish me luck :)

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