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Postby nbusetti » Thu Apr 21, 2005 11:38 pm

Name: Nicholas Busetti
Location: Bunbury WA
Car: Honda City Turbo I (1983)

[center]About My Car[/center]
My Dad brought me this City turbo in 2003 which we brought it for $1500 which was a great bargin considering.

At the end of 2003 the turbo was on its way out so my Dad took over and worked on it while I was at uni. It took one year but my Dad got an group 1 engine with a reconditioned motor and turbo and tranplanted it in my City. Along with that was a new paint job done under insurance because a sign flew out under a truck while my Dad was following it. Also new front seat coverings and side door trimming were done and a new roof lining has really brought the inside and outside cosmetics up pretty nicely.

Until I get a good job in IT I cannot look at modifying it but I have been searching the forums at cityturbo.com and have some ideas to follow upon.

My City just has a upgraded air filter but the car is totally stock and it suits me as I get great fuel economy how does 500km to 40 litres sound for city driving.

Anyway I have just recently uploaded my photo collection but its going to change once I get some fine weather and a bit of time to clean it up to showroom condition.

If your keen to check out my car just click the link below.


It under the album: Nicholas

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