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Postby civic » Mon Oct 10, 2005 8:16 pm

hey guys
my name is ben phone no 0431047926 if u want to catch up and see it for ur self want to look at more citys and civics i live in adelaide

remember me was on here bout a year ago just started doing up my civic its a 1976 civic with a t2 city turbo engine mods include

type 3 turbosmart bov
turbosmart eboost2
mr2 front mount
shaved head
craig davis fan
3 core radiator
2.5 inch exhaust with a cannon
k@n air filter
surge tank custom alloy
a pree pump at the back and vl pump in front

at the moment getting a EMS computer with hand controller costing a bit going to be running 4 sepret coils 1 for each plug

outside mods

wrx bonnet scoop
custom body kit
5 spoke wheels wheels with 195/50/14 rubber


very custom big stereo install with a monster 15 inch sub all fusion gear and a lot of it 4 tvs/ dvd player/ playstation2 /computer / bucket seats with racing harness dont worry bout it getting broken into it has 24 hour video suvalance/ and a roll cage off the car frogga
i have spent bout 40 grand on the car so far and no where finished i dont have a camera but if u have a camera phone ill send it to u like that

as u last read i just bought the car as known frogga only took tre roll cage and engine out as a spare but i have heaps of parts including

honda prelude seats 1 4 point harness
intercooler with pipes
k@n filter with pipes
new radiator with fan
turbo timer

so let me know if u need any think i have more parts but cant remember i live in adelaide u may have seen me i have the number plates

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