Post pictures and details of your Honda City
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Postby trustpower » Wed Jun 22, 2005 10:14 pm

Name: Ez
Location: Australia - Vic - Melb
Occupation: Apprentice Mech - Holden
Interests: Cars, Music, Life etc
Likes: Food, quality cars, having fun
Dislikes: Holdens (put two and two together)

Car: 1985 Honda City Pro T
Engine: ER1 (1.2L Carb)
Trans: 5spd Manual
Colour: Honda Red
Delivered: Australia
Factory Options: Air Conitioning
KM's purchased at: 130,000km (1 previous owner)

I've had the car approx half a year now, its my first car of my own.

Previously drove an sr20det 5spd silvia, ditched it cause stung for driving a high-po vehicle on Ps, and was developing some serious rust issues.

Mods to the City include:

Sourced & Fitted Original:
- Digital Clock (centre dash)
- Unmatched colour rear seats (non latching type)
- Original radio antenna (3/4 retract)

Personal Mods:
- 2" Speco Tachometer (green illuminate)
- Pick-a-Part gearknob (large grip)
- Kenwood mp3/cd stereo + 3way front speakers
- AH astra grey carpet mats front and rear (thanks Holden)

* Cut and polished soon after purchase, has come up okay, but paint was fairly oxidized on the roof.

* Engine bay very tidy, cleaned it up and shine it often

* Drivers seat suffering typcial seatbelt wear and split symptoms.

The car is a steady project, its proving great for a first car of my own, basic and easy to learn on and work with. Parts are easy to obtain and not expensive.

Im one for function rather than appearance so mostly all my mods are centered around usefullness. Being a mechanic i see everyday way too much useless stuff added or standard with cars.

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