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Postby caelum_city_pro » Thu Mar 16, 2006 10:33 am

Hey everyone,

Well my name is Caelum and im from Tasmania in Aus.
I picked up my 1986 Honda city Pro T (non turbo) for $850 after blowing up my old car and needing a cheap little run about. I have since realised how cool these little cars are and i am now seriously thinking about doing it up. So far i have done a few little cheap things things such as:
Racing peddles, Gear nob, Seat covers, Honda Racing sticker across the back window, Hot 4's Street Cruz stickers.

I have also put a sound system in it:

- Pioneer Deh-5750mp mp3 head unit (4x50w, tripple pre outs etc.)
- JVC 6.5" speakers (soon to be upgraded)
- Pioneer 1000w Class D Mono block amp
- Pioneer 2000w peak SPL sub
- Fusion wire
The rear side windows also boast large pioneer stickers.

The car had been re-sprayed before i bought it (red) however this paint job looks to be a DIY job and is already chipping (there are no gloss coats, just primer and a couple of coats of colour). So a respray (candy apple red?) may be on the cards.

Future mods:

- New suspention
- Lowered
- Exhaust system
- Tinted windows
- New speakers + Amp
- Set of chromies (currently has 12")

One day it would also be great to have a turbo motor put in it.

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