City Manual - How to survive without

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City Manual - How to survive without

Postby JohnT » Wed Apr 07, 2004 10:51 pm

*** UPDATE ***

Manual now available:;action=display;num=1110241532

*** UPDATE ***

As we all know (or rapidly find out) a City Manual is rarer than .....

How to survive without:

Combination of manuals helps:

Civic EB1 & Civic CVCC manuals (local library may well have..) Most components same.

Early CR-X for sections on computer issues - very similar.

This web site for some specific data, paricularly in the info base and items like wiring diagrams off the Home Page under "General Info".

The Japanese parts diagrams - again, pointed to from the "General Info" section of the Home Page of this site.

John T

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